100% Track Record

At Semicon Technolabs, our goal is to help our students secure their dream jobs. Our robust placement process connects students with top companies in the semiconductor industry, with a 100% placement record. Our dedicated Placement Cell guides students through the process, from pre-placement talks to interviews. We provide training and support to ensure students are well-prepared and have access to the best opportunities. Join us today, to achieve your career goals in the semiconductor industry.

Overall Statistics


No. Students Trained


Total No. Of Placement


No. of Companies Visiting

Hiring Companies


VLSI Placements Record

S.No Student Name Course Selected Company
1 Jithendra Physical Design Aricent Technologies
2 Deepika DFT Wipro Technologies
3 Suchitra ASIC Verification Tessolve Semiconductors
4 Sushil Kumar DFT Mirafra Technologies
5 Selva DFT Mirafra Technologies
6 Jagruthi DFT Graphene Semiconductors
7 Joel DFT ALTRAN Technologies
8 Umesh DFT Adeptchips
9 Thomas Physical Design Semicon TechnoLabs
10 Basha Physical Design Semicon TechnoLabs
11 Manju Physical Design Semicon TechnoLabs
12 Praveen Analog Layout Semicon TechnoLabs
13 Shilpa ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
14 Reddy Kumar DFT Tessolve Semiconductors
15 P Vinay DFT Wipro Technologies
16 Mamatha DFT Wipro Technologies
17 Bhavya DFT Wipro Technologies
18 SK Thusar DFT Wipro Technologies
19 Divya DFT Wipro Technologies
20 Neethu DFT Wipro Technologies
21 Likhil DFT Wipro Technologies
22 Prasanth DFT Mindlance
23 Radha ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
24 Kranthirekha ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
25 Rajashekar ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
26 Sasidhar ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
27 Pavan Kumar ASIC Verification Semicon TechnoLabs
28 Sanaga Ravindra Kumar Reddy Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
29 Pulivarthi Srikanth Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
30 Prafull Shripal Kumbhar DFT Tessolve Semiconductors
31 Jayasree G DFT Tessolve Semiconductors
32 Udumula Sai Mounica DFT Tessolve Semiconductors
33 Mithun PD Aricent
34 Jaswanth PD Aricent
35 Sameer PD Cadence
36 Naveen DFT Tessolve
37 Kartheek DFT Tessolve
38 Prajna Krishnan DFT Tessolve
39 Divya Teja DFT Tessolve
40 Pallavi DFT Lakshsemi
41 Nithin Gurjar DFT Qualcomm
42 Nithin Kumbhar DFT TSilicon
43 Arpit Sinha DFT TSilicon
44 Nanda Ganesh DFT TSilicon
45 Siva Kumar Battula DFT TSilicon
46 Vani PD Bangalore Semiconductors
47 Veena ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
48 Lavanya ASIC Verification Mindlance
49 Jaya Sree ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
50 Swapna ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
51 Supriya Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
52 Kishore Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
53 Prashanth Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
54 Chethan Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
55 Suraj Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
56 Vengala Reddy Analog Layout Sevitech Systems
57 Simha Physical Design Mindlance
58 Vara Prasad DFT Open Silicon
59 Uvatharani DFT Open Silicon
60 Reddy Shekar DFT Open Silicon
61 Varun ASIC Verification Sevitech
62 Chandoji ASIC Verification Sevitech
63 Lavanya ASIC Verification Mindlance
64 Veena ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
65 Siva ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
66 Sravan Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
67 Arjun Analog Layout Fubeus
68 Kesava Kalsi Physical Design Whizchip
69 Ramanjaneyulu Physical Design Moslogi
70 BasavaSagar Physical Design Moslogi
71 Venkata rayudu Analog Layout Greensemi
72 Kalpana Analog Layout Greensemi
73 chinmayee Analog Layout Juntran Tech
74 Vasavi Analog Layout Juntran Tech
75 Pavan Analog Layout Zia Semi
76 Nagalaxmi Analog Layout ALTRAN
77 Kiranmayi Reddy DFT Moslogi
78 Venkata Ramana DFT Qualcomm
79 Rajesh Reddy DFT Incise Infotech
80 Renuk Sai DFT T&VS
81 Shareef Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
82 Nivedita Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
83 Aishwarya Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
84 Anitha DFT Graphene Semiconductors
85 Aditya Analog Layout Radiant Semiconductors
86 Rekha Analog Layout Radiant Semiconductors
87 Shilpa Analog Layout Radiant Semiconductors
88 Venkata ramanayya Analog Layout Radiant Semiconductors
89 Shirisha DFT Incise Infotech
90 Rasagna ASIC Verification Synopsys
91 Chandra shekar ASIC Verification Synopsys
92 Arul Kumar ASIC Verification Radiant Semiconductors
93 Vamsi B ASIC Verification Juntran Tech
94 Shalini Priya ASIC Verification Sivalley
95 Basamma DFT HCL Tech
96 Viswanath DFT Incise Infotech
97 Siva DFT Semidigit
98 Oindrilla DFT Semidigit
99 Harshitha DFT Synapse Design
100 Divya Deepthi DFT Synapse Design
101 Siva Nandini DFT Insemi
102 Rama Lakshmi DFT Mirafra
103 Peer Ahamed DFT WhizChip
104 Harish D DFT Excelmax
105 Shaik Irfan Physical Design Eximius
106 Omsai Physical Design Graphene Semiconductors
107 Sravanthi Physical Design HCL Tech
108 Praveen Kumar Physical Design Eximius
109 Naveen Kumar Physical Design Wipro Technologies
110 Aishwarya A Physical Design Sevitech
111 Siddesh M Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
112 Swathi G Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
113 Athira A Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
114 Pavan J Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
115 Sumalatha M Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
116 Prasnna Kumar Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
117 K Jagadeesh Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
118 Ramyasree DFT Incise Infotech
119 Usha Rani DFT Synapse Design
120 Aditya S DFT Radiant Semiconductors
121 Eurekha DFT Radiant Semiconductors
122 Raghunatha Reddy Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
123 Nagarjuna Physical Design Centaurs Semiconductors
124 Hemavati A Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
125 Sushmita Anand Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors
126 Manoj Kumar Physical Design Radiant Semiconductors