Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems:-

Semicon offers a wide range of Embedded Design Services that are intended towards transforming an idea into a complete product. This includes devising of System Architecture, Hardware Design, Software Design, Mechanical Design, Prototyping, Validation, Regulatory Certification and Pilot Production.
With expertise in every phase of the product life cycle, Semicon brings in a wealth of people experience in designing a variety of products cutting across various domains such as Networking, Storage & Telecom, Automotive, Industrial Automation, IoT Devices, Wearables and many more.

Our Specifications:-

Embedded Hardware Services:

• Product Architecting.
• Product Design.
• Design Analysis (SI/PI/Thermal).
• Design Verification Testing (DVT).
• Product Compliance Testing.
• Design Compliance for Manufacturing (DFx).
• New Product Introduction (NPI).
• Value Engineering.
• Component Engineering.

Embedded Software Services:

• Feasibility Analysis.
• Software Architecture.
• Bare metal firmware development.
• Design and Development of Device Drivers.
• Board Support Package (BSP) development.
• RTOS based Application development.
• Proprietary and third party stack integration.
• Software Verification.
• Operating System porting.
• Automated System testing.
• Software Code Optimization.